So I played my first game of Pathfinder yesterday. It’s basically D&D 3.75.

Not really having played anything since 2nd edition, it was a little bit of a learning curve to start, but I think I got the hand of it near the end of the game.

For the most part(as I understand it) they’ve taken the 3.5 rules and simplified some and made others more awesome.

They’ve combined stats and skills into more reasonable groups with less numbers and fiddling to deal with. I had to take that on faith as I don’t remember the ‘old ways’ of 3.5 😉

In our group we have a Sorcerer with a bloodline of Fire Elemental(me), an Assassin (which falls under Fighter now) and some War thing(another Fighter but with Stances). The last two seem to be Prestige classes from 3.5, but since the systems are really close you can easily move them to Pathfinder. I say I think because while I can find Assassin, it doesn’t seem to be at all Fighter like, so maybe it’s just a sneaky Fighter 😉

So we’re pretty combat heavy, and no cleric. I suspect this was an oversight as two people had to drop at the last minute.

We have a decent mix of role players and combat people, with me sitting nicely in the middle. There are times I can role play properly and times I can’t. It seems that I can role play with the DM but not with other players(at least not as well).

There might be something to that.

The main thing that I have to learn is that a Sorcerer is not a tank and should not be up close and personal. I have spells and powers that work at a distance, and I should keep my distance. I didn’t die, but I was hit most often 🙁

But I like the idea that I have a ‘free spell’ that I can use to attack with as often as needed, and that I don’t have to prepare spells(although this was never really enforced before). And cantrips can be fun 🙂

The other two players know their stuff but are nice enough to offer suggestions and general help to the noob of the group. This is also nice.

This was also a bit of an experiment for me too. I know that there are a lot of things that I think I want to get/be into, and it turns out that’s not always the case.

Like Anime. I was into it for so long and then lately it’s just been sorta meh. I was wondering the same about D&D.

I did enjoy playing, and I think that if this group continues it will be good for me. And as long as I don’t have to invest anymore (new dice was enough) then I should be good for some time.

That being said, it could still get boring later on and I’ll just have to move on. That’s life I guess…


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    I played a little D&D (Rules Cyclopedia version) with Thomas a while back, but that’s all the roleplaying I’ve done recently.

    It made me realize how much I’ve forgotten, and how 1st/2nd Edition AD&D were probably formative for me.

    I’m still leaning toward Savage Worlds for GMing. It’s too bad that their campaign worlds are so odd/edgy…

    Best of luck with Pathfinder!

    (Gaming can get boring to be sure, but if you’ve got a good crew you won’t notice it unless you stop to think about it. Sounds like the Sorcerer should at least give you options to stay in the game… I always liked magic using classes, but a single spell or two at early levels pretty much guaranteed boredom… til the non-weapon proficiencies came out anyway…)



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    Our groups starting up a Pathfinder game in a few weeks. I was hoping for D&D 4e myself, but whatever. It should be fun.

    This whole gaming thing is really more about the people for me. Hanging out and doing something is good. Role-playing’s kind of hard to sustain because it requires some effort outside the session itself, which I don’t have time for. But hey, if someone wants to run a game, I’m all for it.


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