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With some inspiration from , I’ve been working on a person site.
Mind you, most of that work has really just been picking and customizing a theme in wordpress and then finding a way to export/import all my LJ posts(easy BTW) into wordpress.

One other thing I’m attempting to do is find an easy(ish) way to import all my old personal website posts into WP.
That’s going to be a little harder since they’re not in any particular format. Granted, I suppose I could do a mass copy/paste, make them all conform to some known format and just import like the LJ stuff.
Not a bad idea, just have to double check all the old files.
Which, happily, I’ve been backing up for some time now.
Granted, one of the backups looks buggered, but it might have been an early one, and I can just find the latest and work with those.
Mind you, I have many different backups, and can’t remember which the latest might be 🙂
But it’ll keep me busy for a little while.

Other than that, I think it’s just an excuse to do stuff….


  1. flying_squirrel

    I’ve been meaning to import my old blog into my new blog for ages. I’d probably do roughly what you’re talking about: write a php pages that pumps out WordPress-importable XML of some flavour. Just haven’t gotten around to it…

  2. thinkschematwo



    Well, I suppose it’s got MySQL and web stuff ready to hand…

    I’d still hack at it with Python, but I’m funny that way.

    (Python is my go to language for mangling and unmangling data I need to transport…)

  3. thinkschematwo


    I’m honestly not sure I see the point in my site, but I’m working to get one.

    Aside from the chest thumping I’m sure I’ll do, I figure I might have something to get out there that will be of interest to somebody else.

    Might even get some feedback.

    Just make sure you line up you goals…

    Mine was “publish stuff”… Meaning I didn’t want the site to become a project — it should just house projects (and more).

    I say, start the site, then worry about pulling things out of archive…

    If nothing else, you can talk about some of the interesting things that happen while doing the restore process (technical and otherwise).

    Best of luck!

  4. flying_squirrel

    I’ve already got (crappy, old) PHP code on the site to build XML for RSS, and to access the database. Since I’m only going to write it and run it once, I don’t want to build that infrastructure if I don’t have to…


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