So I got a new cell plan from Virgin.
Tara and I are ditching the land(ish) line. The overall savings is about $20/month, which works out to 2 weeks of groceries a year.
That’s how I started looking at things….not sure why 🙂

Anyway, the cell plan is pretty keen. For $35/month I have unlimited local calling from 10am to 6pm, which covers the majority, if not all, of my working hours. At least the ones with the pre-set meetings.
Add another $20 for VM, Call Display, WebSurfing and Text, and all is groovy.
Not sure if I need the text part, but I can always cut that.
The only downside is the three year contract, but it got me a free phone.
The web surfing is mucho faster than the last phone, so that works for me.
Now to get a cable, replacement battery and charger for it. But that’s not something I need anytime soon.
Maybe a quick trip to the Pacific Mall will cover most of that 😀

I’ll post my current contact details in another post and set it to Friends only.

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