Can’t tell you how much I hate telephone people right now.

Back story:
Tara moved in, and she calls her Mom in BC A LOT.
No problemo. Wintel has a plan called Talk 25 where in your LD calls are 25 cents, and there’s a monthly fee of 4 bucks.
Sign up online(March 12), get a conf number….and nuthin.
No calls, no email, no letters.
So(and rightfully) we assume that we’re not actually connected(Wintel is mostly famous for this kind of thing).

Two weeks later, I sign up for a Bell LD plan which is more, but probably works out to less.
Sign up April 1st(which now seems appropriate).

So, what happens?

Well, Wintel sends me a bill.
Again, we assume that it’s really a forward from Tara’s old place.
We ignore.
They send us another one. We actually look at it this time.
Yup, that’s my account alright.
Oh, and they’re charging us 50 cents a call, not 25.

Tara is uber pleased about all of this(sarcasm meter is off the scale!).

I call Wintel, and am on hold for 30 minutes.
I tell my silly little tale to the dude.
I tell dude that we didn’t get any notification.
I tell dude that we didn’t get an access code(hence 50 cents on not 25).
Dude looks into it(for 15 minutes).
Dude comes back and tells me he’ll credit the account for the right charges.
I pay dude.
Dude asks what else he can do for me.
I tell dude to cancel my account.
Dude is confused.
Dude asks why.
I tell dude that his company are a bunch of fuckwits that don’t know how to treat customers.
Dude is taken aback.
I tell dude to cancel because I’m with Bell now.
Dude is confused, and tells me I’m not with Bell, but with Wintel.
Dude confused me.

Anyway, apparently I wasn’t really with Bell but with Wintel.
And as soon as Bell actually takes over, I’ll be with Wintel, but when Bell takes over, Wintel stops.

I hang up.

I call Bell.
I tell this to Bell.
Dude looks into it(but for about a minute)
Dude is very apologetic and credits the account for the time that we were charged but wasn’t actually being used.
I thank Dude.

I call Velcom.
I tell them to set me up with a dry loop because I’m gonna cancel Bell’s ass.
They agree.

Next week, when the dry loop is installed, I call Vonage.

To quote George:

Fuck the fucking fuckers.


  1. olletho

    Call Vontage and get a confirmation just in case.

  2. sidekickca

    I haven’t done anything regarding Bell and Vonage just yet.
    Right now I just put the ball in motion to get away from a standard phone account. That’s what they dry loop is for.

    Once that’s done(and confirmed to be working) then I call Vonage, keep my number(which should then cancel Bell) and all will be good.

    Yea, I might be rash, but I’m not stupid enough to cut off my finance from her Mother 😉

  3. olletho

    Sounds wise. Not that I know what a dry loop is but the second part is most wise.


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