Phoo Action & Rewind

Downloaded this the other day and finally got around to watching it today.
At first, I didn’t think much of it.
It’s not easy to make a comic into a live action TV Show, and especially when the BBC is involved.
It just feels…weird.

But then again, with the subject matter, weird is the least of your worries.
I hadn’t read the comic it’s based on(Get The Freebies), but for some reason it just grabbed my attention. Free things do that 🙂

Anyway, it did start to grow on me. Not sure what did it. Possibly the Buddah’s Loin Cloth…which are actually hot pants, and can store and create whatever you want by pulling out of and putting things in it.

So if you can download it, and wait for about 30 minutes, then I think it’s worth the watch.

Also watched Be Kind Rewind with the gang in the afternoon.
It was actually better than I thought it would be. It wasn’t just about making fan movies, there was a little more too it than that. Not much more, but a little more.
It’s more of a rental really. But fun.

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