phpPimp bugs


The best way to find bugs in an app is to try and actually use it properly.
And that’s what I did tonight.
I’ve been keeping track of my finances using a different app for the Palm, and tonight I transcribed it over to phpPimp(still love that name).
During the first few minutes I found a bug.
It’s a display bug only, not something that’s wrong with the backend data, which is good.
What happens is this:
When you’re entering in your transactions, you would enter the Category Parent and Child.
Well, the display at the bottom(after you’ve entered) will list the first Child Category with that ID, even if it’s not the right one.
Again, this is only a display bug, and when I fixed it, everything showed up right.

Debugging is cool that way.

I’ve also determined that I don’t like using the mouse when I don’t really have to, but the app makes you.
Gonna have to change that.

Beta2 will be mostly visual improvements and some usability stuff, as the backend is workable and stable.

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