Playing with Plug-ins

Having fun with WordPress plugins at the moment.

Right now I have both Twitter and Facebook being updated everytime I make a post. Also, it get’s replicated over to LiveJournal, so now no one misses posts 😉

I also have a plugin that makes the dashboard cell-browser happy so that I can post and administer the site from my cell.

And wp-cache which caches all my pages when they’re accessed so that they’re faster to get.

All in all these are just fun plug-ins.

What other plug-ins are people using for their WP pages?

In all honesty, this was a post to test if the Facebook plug-in works 😉

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    Wiki Links!!!

    I’m actually pretty plugin-light at the moment. I had a bunch more, but they just annoyed me, so I got rid of them.

    You know about the LJ crossposter, obviously. I’ve also got PHP Markdown, because I really like Markdown. And then there’s the FriendFeed widget, which is just making up for the fact that I haven’t gotten around to writing the plugin I want for that purpose.

    And Hello Dolly, obviously.


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