Please Note

Maybe because I’m bitchy this morning, or whatever, but BOOOing is my newest and most hated pet peeve.
I’ve hated it for years, but this morning especially.

-Hey, Do you want to do X?
-No, I’m don’t feel like it/busy doing something else
-Fuck You

Please note that BOOOOing will result in hanging up, walking away, complete dismisle of any further conversation.

Thank You

The Management


  1. packetfire

    Clapping (or applauding) is a close second. I mean honestly when you think about it, it’s a stupid activity. It’s just proof that we’re monkeys at heart.

  2. sidekickca

    As soon as I thought of the post in my head I knew you were going to boo.
    Glad to know you live up to my expectation 😛

  3. olletho

    People actually do that?

    I admit to saying ‘phooey’ from time to time, but people actually “boo” is causual conversation????

  4. harempresident

    Awww… I was saying Buuuurns.

  5. flying_squirrel

    Okay, I’ll have to watch myself.

    I picked up the habit from (it’s cute when she does it…). Not that I do it often, mind you, but it may slip out. Just to warn you…


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