Please think of the Children

I was going to do this as a “we’re turning our kids into wimps”.
However I’m not sure that’s really the route I want to go down.
It’s just that the more I hear, the more I worry that, as a whole, we’re being over protective of our children.
Keep in mind that I’m not a parent, so I might not actually have a right to speak about this(as such).

There’s been a lot of talk lately about toys that are dangerous for kids.
From bonus lead to free GHB, toys today can be poisonous.
But there are other toys that are on various watch lists that just seem, well, excessive.
Every year W.A.T.C.H puts out a top ten list, and on that list is “SPIDER MAN 3 NEW GOBLIN SWORD” because it has “rigid plastic” that can cause “impact injuries”.
Huh, impact injuries. Seems kinda weak. It’s a plastic sword. Know what else can cause impact injuries?
Baseball bats, hockey sticks, normal sticks, rulers, laptops, other children!
Anything can cause impact injury in the hands of a child, that’s what children do, hit other children. It’s a long healthy(sorta) tradition.
I did it, my parents did it, their parents did it.
So why stop? What changed?
Some say we got smarter about these kinds of things. I say we just got more afraid.
Afraid of lawsuits, afraid of looking like bad people, bad parents.

Recently the first two seasons of Sesame Street was released.
It was released with a parental advisory.
On Sesame Street.
Cookie Monster has a pipe(sorry, Alistair Cookie from Monsterpiece theater) and then he eats it. Apparently this isn’t something that you should show to children in case they start randomly eating pipes.
Not smoking them mind you, just eating them.
Also, Oscar the Grouch is a little too grouchy.
As grouches generally are.
All this warrants a parental advisory?
Has the world gotten this paranoid on what our children watch?
And what ever happened to parents making choices for their children.
I suppose this is part of that choice. If you can’t fathom the thought of your kids watching a blue fuzzy(yet well dressed) monster eat a pipe, then that should be your choice.
But think about this for a second.
Anyone who grew up with a TV knows this scene. And how many of you are eating pipes?
Hell, of those that are reading this, who even started smoking(me aside)?
Right. Thought so.

I’m going to lump a lot of people into ‘the parents of today’ and for that I’m sorry.
I suspect that I’m preaching to the choir here, but I have to say it.
Parents of today don’t want to parent. They want someone else to do that.
They want to make decisions for their kids, they want the government to do that.
They want the entertainment industry to do that.
I mean, who knew that taking your kids to McDonald’s everyday might make them fat?
Who knew that not disciplining them might make them bullies and irrational?
Why didn’t someone warn them?!?!
Who’s fault is this?
Someone else’s generally.

OK, this is taking the course of an irrational rant.
But I’m just sick and tired of parents letting their kids get away with murder(almost literally).
When I was younger, if I did something wrong, I paid for it, and I wasn’t likely to do that again.
My parents knew what was going into my mouth, what I was watching, what I was playing.
How did they do this?
They interacted with me, that’s how.
They cared enough to keep an eye on me and know what I was doing.
Did they stop me when I was about to do something stupid?
Not all the time, because otherwise, I just wouldn’t learn.

Kids today don’t have that chance.
The world is so pre-occupied with protecting kids from being kids that they don’t let them be kids.
Kids are going to do stupid things, and they’ll get hurt, and they won’t do it again.
Unless they like getting hurt. But that’s a different issue.

I suspect I’m going to quit while I’m ahead.
Or at least not too behind…

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  1. thinkschematwo

    Agreed, with caveats.

    I’d say more, but it’s not altogether clear at the moment.

    Suffice to say, the world isn’t the world we grew up in (nor the one previous generations grew up in). Each generation has their trials and tribulations, but things just seem be moving down a dismal path — and since it seems to have started with us (or those moderately older) I’d like to see us put on the breaks and bring things back to a more sane state (for kids and everybody!).

    Kids are still pushed into adulthood too fast these days.

    I wonder if part of the reason impact injuries are plainly stated these days are because in years gone by very few people would even contemplate beating somebody within an inch of their life — while now, I’m not so sure…


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