Oh Boy!
Let’s see if I can fill 500 words about something I know nothing about ^_^

Today I voted for both the mayor of Ottawa city councilor of ward 23.
At this point, neither won.
My mayor candidate got about 0.26% of the vote and the councilor got about 7.5%.
No, I didn’t pick the winners, and I think part of that had to do with the fact that I started reading up on people last night.
Late last night.

I wandered through their webpages and read what they had to say.
The mayor candidate sounded like a real person.
He had ideas that made sense, that weren’t unreasonable, and he wans’t pandering to the people that paid for his campaign.
He paid for his own campaign.
He didn’t have a million stupid signs on people lawns. He had one roving campaign truck with one of those big signs on the back.
That big sign could be recycled into construction materials.
He didn’t take the tax rebate that all the others did. He didn’t waste tax payers money to try and get elected.
It’s too bad that I only found out about him last night.
But I did vote for him, I was one of the 762 people that did.
He had such grass-roots campaign that no one heard of him.
Maybe next time.

The ward candidate also sounded like a real person.
He didn’t stoop to insult the other candidates. He in fact berated another candidate because they had insulted and slandered another candidate.
He went door to door to introduce himself, but did not call me with a recorded message.
He also didn’t win.

And here’s the rub, why is it that the real people, the people that don’t bow and scrape to small special interest groups, why is it that these people don’t stand a chance?
Could it be that people are afraid of change?
Could it be that the voters are playing a different game? Meaning that, they know the people that they really want to be in power won’t actually get into power.
Therefore they compromise and vote for the people that would get in and do the least amount of damage?
Am I just cynical?
Or am I the worst kind of cynical, the uninformed kind of cynical?
I think it’s the latter.

I want to get more into politics, but I just can’t take anyone seriously.
The main problem I find is they never actually get to the point.
The first thing out of most politicians mouths is something to badmouth the other people in the room.
Answer the question, show that you’re the better person, and get on with it.
But no.
They go on and on about this and that and never actually answer the question.
This is why I get mad and what I see.
And this is probably why I don’t go to see these people in person.
I have a feeling that I would be kicked out pretty quickly.
But it could be entertaining.
“Blah Blah Blah…”
“Oh for the love of God, just answer the bloody question”
“Please come with us sir”

There was more to this, but I couldn’t figure out how to get there.
Maybe next time.

Vote for me!


  1. packetfire

    Neither of my votes made any difference either. Hey, I think that means that I should get my tax $$ back!

  2. sidekickca

    But did your candidate at least get 1% of the vote.
    In the end, he got 0.25%.

    Right there, that’s just people picking his name accidentally…

  3. flying_squirrel

    This game isn’t about predicting the winner. It’s about picking the best person for the job.

    My supposedly underdog mayoral candidate actually won for Waterloo… It can happen.


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