Poor Gundam….I hardly knew ye….

Had a bit of an incident with the dog this morning, she chewed my Grizzly Gundam.
That was a hard to find Gundam, not expensive mind you($10) but just hard to find.
I guess I’m not used to having a puppy around and that you really shouldn’t leave things within reach for them to chew.
We’ll have to start thinking more and more about this until she gets over this phase.
I’ve purchased some Bitter Apple, and I think I should be using it on things that I find her chewing.
Should I also mention that she seems to be going through those rawhide bones on an average of one a day?
It’s insane, she’s like some sort of machine!
And I wonder how GOOD that is for her….

Don’t get me wrong, I’m irritated at her but she’s just a pup. A really big, efficent pup(she made quick work of that Gundam and it was only a few minutes).

So I’ve found a replacement on ebay and I’ll be getting that. I also found 4 other figures that I wanted, but decided not to buy them…
Trying to prove to myself that I have willpower ^_^

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