I open my eyes.
I’m alone, afraid and frankly, I have no idea where I am.
I look around to try and get my barrings, and realize that I am not alone.
There are hundreds of people all around me, with the same expression on their face.
They don’t know where they are either.
It feels that we all have the same WTF? thoughts running through our heads.

Panic sets in. Where is this place, what am I doing here, how did I get here!?!
I check our my surroundings.
I’m standing, still have the clothes I had on when…when what?
What was I doing before I opened my eyes?
I’m wearing jeans, a shirt, sandals. I could have been at work. I could have been home.
Hell, I could have been just about anywhere but asleep.
I’m not tied down, it appears that I can move freely.
OK, so maybe I can get out of here. Where ever here is.

Where is here anyway? I continue to look around.
It looks like some kind of town square. Have I been here before?
It doesn’t look familiar. But it doesn’t appear foreign either. Well, not foreign enough to worry about I guess.

*And that’s it. Might go somewhere, might not. Just a little something that popped into my head as I was trying to finish up some documentation*

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