Productive Sunday

So, yesterday I did the following:
1. Downloaded and installed Transgaming
2. Played City of Heroes for 20 minutes on Linux(sweet)
3. Tried and succeeded in installing the Binary only drivers from ATI(had to build them myself, finally figured out how)
4. Rebooted the computer
5. Tried City of Heroes again; Transgaming couldn’t load the drivers
6. Went back to original xorg.conf file; Transgaming still couldn’t load drivers
7. Uninstalled ATI drivers
8. Attempted to reinstall Ubuntu drivers, thought it said something abut uninstalling Xorg, got scared, ran away

Yea, all that in about 2 hours. Not bad really.
I don’t feel like troubleshooting the driver thing, gonna do the big reinstall and not screw with the drivers again.
Or maybe I will…who knows?

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