Since I now have 4 Saturdays in a row, today is technically Friday, and I’m puttering at work.

Last night I got the rest of my Christmas shopping done. It was a single gift, so it was mostly easy.
The only thing left to do really is stocking stuffer shopping, but that’s easy and not time consuming.

I think Saturday(1) will be an anime day. Maybe Ergo Proxy or Guyver.
I have all day really, why not waste it?

Saturday(2) I’ll pop around to a couple of the hobby stores to see what they have in terms of paint and the like.
And pick up my comic subs.

Don’t know what I’ll do for Saturday(3). Sleep?

I was watching the news this morning, and they had the Christmas messages from the dudes in Afghanistan.
Touching stuff, but I had to chuckle at one of them.
It was at the end of his little speech(more or less):
And I’d like to say hi to my Dad and the rest of the family in Edmonton Over.

He said Over. Swear to god. I mean it makes sense; he was done talking.
Go military dudes go!

There was something else on the news(I think) that I wanted to comment on today, but I forget what it was.
Oh, it was something about small car safety.
Basically the insurance reps want to you think twice about buying a smaller car because they’re unsafe.
Or is it because SUV tanks with their raised bumpers are killing people in any car smaller than them that makes small cars unsafe?
Yea, they don’t mention that.
And sorry if I don’t trust anything that insurance companies are telling me.

And now, back to puttering.

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