Quakes and cleaning

Ottawa got hit with a 5.6 earthquake yesterday afternoon. It was the strongest quake, and the second for that matter, that I’ve ever felt.

Granted, the first one felt more like a large truck passing by, and at the time, that’s all I thought it was. This time, things flew off shelves, and generally made a mess of my home office. Not that you could tell right away 😉

It was all over the news yesterday, people fearing for their lives and whatnot. I thought it was a little overblown, but I suspect it was a slow news day. The next big local story is when the city is suddenly covered in this white fluffy stuff and there’s chaos on the streets.

But that’s Ottawa, not much happens here that isn’t government related. And I’m sure there’s some people blaming the government on this 🙂

With the baby on the way, we’re trying to organize and purge a lot of stuff from the house. We already sent a car load of stuff to the Sally Ann, and we have a lot more to go. This includes my toys. Not all of them, but at least some of them. And you know, I think I’m ready to let them go. Now, sure, most of the ones I want to let go I’ve had for 10 years, and really, they’re just taking up space. So I think I’ll start with the smaller stuff, see how that goes, and then maybe move on to a few larger things.

This includes some of my unbuilt Gundam models. I won’t get rid of them all, but I’d be fooling myself if I thought that I’ll actually get around to building them all. I thought of this some time ago, as in selling them to make some extra cash, and I don’t think I have as many spare models as I thought I did.

That being said, does anyone want some Gundam models? I’ll see what I have and present a list, and whomever wants them, can have them.

Assuming anyone wants them 🙂

With the toys, I guess I could put them up on Ebay, but that’s a lot of effort, and I’m not sure it’s worth it. Mind you, what the heck, why not? But I’ll just do toy lots I think, give them a reasonable price, and then let the masses decide. If nothing goes, it’s off to the Sally Ann with them.

I think it’ll be good for me to purge some stuff, there’s things in my closet that I’ve been lugging around for years, and I really don’t need them. I should try and transfer stuff from video tape to DVD one day though. I have a lot of tape stuff.

I think.

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