Radio Show

ok, I’m gonna go out on a really string limb and say that there’s no show tonight.
No one has called from the ISP or the telco, and I really doubt that it’ll be resolved in my lifetime.
I’m seriously thinking of switching, not because of the bad service, it’s just that I want net access at home. I kinda got used to it.
But I suppose I’m actually getting stuff done around the house.
I ripped up part of the backyard yesterday, but then realised that I should go get some weed killer before I continue.

Oh, it also looks like the station has taken a turn for the…different.
It’s got a new site:
This might change again, but it at least is visible.

Anyway, go about your business tonight, you won’t have me to bother you.

Edit: Yes, it did change, but for the better:

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