Random Computer Oddness

Ok, so I’m attempting to clean/move around some stuff on the computer.
I have 4 drives, one with the OS(s), one with…stuff on it, and one with MP3s. Wait, one left.
Two with random stuff on it.

Anyway, what I would like to do is make the really large drive the MP3 drive because, well, it’s needing it.
But I want to make sure the old drive is still good for other stuff.
So, I move all the files from one drive to another in hopes of cleaning/formatting/error checking the first drive.
Still with me?
The first thing I do is do a count of files and file sizes.
19,000 files; can’t remember the exact size, somewhere in the 140 gig range.
I make a note of that.
Select all the directories and copy to a new drive.
Copy is done. Do a count of the new stuff.
19,021 files, and about 120gigs.
Wha happened?
So I do a full error check on the first. No errors.
Then I defrag. All clean.
Copy again, same results.
How do I:
1. Gain 21 files
2. Loose 20 gigs in the process

I’ll never understand computers.


  1. packetfire

    Maybe you gained some temp files and trash files through copying from one drive to another?

    If your disk was heavily fragmented, it’s possible that some of that those files were taking up additional space on the HD, by copying, and defragging you might have been able to move to files to contiguous disk space decreasing the amount of space they take? Although 20 Gigs seems like a lot.

    Yeah I’m talking out my ass.

  2. anonymous

    Well, could be some hidden files. Are both hard drives formatted with the same file system, and the same block sizes and what not?

  3. sidekickca

    I was thinking temp files, and that would be fine if the overall size went *up*, but I gained 21 files and lost 20 gigs.
    That’s what’s bugging me.

    Moot point now, drive is formatted etc etc

  4. sidekickca

    Yup and yup.
    It all looked kosher to me, just really weird.

    Even after the defrag I got the same results.

    Again, moot point now ^_^


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