Random musings

Actually, this is a cop-out.
I’m dead tired and I left this too late.
So, I’ll talk about my weekend and see how much space I can fill with that. Sound good?
Alrighty then!

Started making dinner around 4:30 Friday. That’s when the beer can chicken went into the oven.
Took the dog for a quick walk, and then headed over to Tara’s.
She was going to take the bus, but then realized that she had all this stuff to bring over. This included her new sewing machine.
It was one of those Euro-Pro’s that you see at Canadian Tire. Which is great because that’s where she got it from. On sale even.
The idea was that she wanted to hem my jeans. Apparently she was sick of my rolled up jeans. I wasn’t about to stop her 😉
Came back to my place just in time for me to put on the rice.
It was this new recipe that I snagged online. Brown rice, apple juice instead of water, diced apple, and cinnamon.
And it would have been great too except that I got this fancy short grain brown rice, which takes forever to cook.
The chicken was long done, and the rice was no where near.
So, I ate crunchy rice. Tara, not so much, but she thought it tasted good. So I think there’s a win in there somewhere 🙂

Tara went up to study and I played San Andreas.
Not to sure if I can play that for too much longer.
Because it’s based in the ‘bad side’ of LA, there’s a lot of swearing. Normally this doesn’t bother me. But it’s excessive. It’s just irritating.
I feel dumber listening to it. I suppose that’s the intended effect. A bunch of uneducated thugs doing ‘the best that they can’.
Whatever. I might have to give it a miss.

I was awake too early on Saturday. Trying to remember why.
Oh yea, Carleton decided that 9:30am was the best time for a graduation ceremony.
So I attended that. Snapped some pics, then we went shopping.
Linen’s and Things is a nice store.
Dear lord I must be getting older.
Tara got a comforter set, and I snagged this double sheet set for $45. Good deal.
OK, to offset all this homey stuff, I also wandered into Toys R Us and got the Casey Jones fig.
It’s good.
What I did notice was the total lack of GI Joe. This might not shock some, but it’s the 25 anniversary this year, and Hasbro is releasing all new sets.
Yet, I’ve seen not one.
I just wanna look at them…

The next stop was PetSmart(they bought out all the Super Pets). Saturday was the day that Tara would adopt a cat.
She needs something to come home to. This was the best thing.
However, I pretty much had to stop her from taking them all 🙂

We snagged a nice cat(very sucky, like the dog), all the cat stuff, and headed home. Then I headed back because I forgot a bag.

We tried to introduce the cat to the dog, but that went poorly.
All Quanuk wanted to do was check him out, but the cat(hereby known as Ringo) wanted nothing of it.

The cat must have been nervous because it was having some gas problems. Smelly cat.

More studying for Tara. More GTA for me.
I wandered up to check on her and found her asleep with her arm around the cat. Cutest thing evar 🙂

Sunday was the morning of dog poo. Apparently that peanut butter bone I gave her went through her.
I hope it was that and not the new dog food.
Also, Ringo was making a racket.

After all that was sorted out, we headed off to Bulk Barn to get spices and PB.
Then to the SuperStore to get all this cooking stuff for Tara.
The idea is that she wants to make all these single serving meals, or at least proper portion meals.
Sounds like a good idea really. Something you can quickly nuke.
The house smells really good 🙂

I dropped Tara and Ringo off, had a quick dinner with my Mom, and then tried yet again to hook up the PS2 to the network.
I determined that the wireless bridge is fine, and the network adapter is fine, it must be the media app that’s buggered.
I mean, I can FTP into the PS2, but when the media app tries to activate the network, it freezes the PS2. Not helpful.

And now I’m tired and want to go to bed.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll actually have a topic. And it might even be a good one 🙂


  1. flying_squirrel

    Aw nuts. I have a slightly used cat that you’d be welcome to. He’s actually quite cute and cuddly and not at all a horrible monster, which you might assume by my willingness to get rid of him.


    And I really liked GTA:SA. Don’t worry… you get away from the chumpy gangstas after a while.


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