Random stuff and snow

Travelled home in the sleet and the snow Sunday from Toronto. And for the most part it was a breeze(20kph breeze at that), but hitting the 416, that was the danger zone.
For some reason, ALL the bad weather ended up there, and I tells ya it was bad.
But I made it home alive.
Other news; got my java homework done and printed out and it looks sweet. Well, as sweet as command line programs look, but there you go.
Had an interesting and short notice interview today, possibly going to work for the city doing some W2K migration. Initially it was supposed to be for a month, but it’s possible it’ll go two months. I’ll find out for sure by Friday since they want someone to start work Monday ^_^
I had to make an hourly wage off the top of my head, and it looks like I’ll be making less than what I was getting at EDS, but that’s life. This time I’m going to try and do it smarter, less debt and all that, and maybe even save for the future!
Other than that, sitting in Java class waiting for it to start(crappy weather again).
More later I guess.

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