Random Updates

Been a couple of days, things have happened and I keep meaning to update, so here I am!

In my life as a driver of cars, many animals have crossed my path, some of which I’ve hit(really sorry about that) and most I’ve missed.

I’ve even nudged a moose, and been chased by a baby cow. Not at the same time because that would have just been toooooo much to take.

But the other day, while driving Tara to work, a wild turkey ran across the road.



I was told later that day that it was the first day of turkey hunting season, so now it doesn’t seem to odd.

No, it still seems odd, but slightly less odd.

Monday was stinking hot, and when it got to 29 degrees in the house I decided that it was finally time for AC(no DC).

I’m happy to tell you that it’s still working and the house cooled rather well. Once it was at a good place it got much cooler outside so we turned it off.

That evening I decided to take the new mower for a spin in the back yard.

Assembly was pretty easy, as it almost always is, and it ran fairly well.

Had to make adjustments to the height as the backyard is a little uneven.

I like this mower because it’s small, easy to maneuver, and has a bag.

So I’m done mowing, get a collection bag to put the grass in(don’t have a compost heap yet) and, well, hardly any grass was in the bag.

This means one of two things; the grass really wasn’t that tall or it doesn’t collect the grass well.

Either way, not so bad, at least not for the price of the mower.

I’ve been working on a high priority ticket for the past couple of days, and it makes for some long evenings. Wednesday I worked my usual shift and then 9:30-11:30pm.

Yesterday was an early start for someone in Taiwan, so it was 6am-5pm, then 7-8, then 10-11:30. So long days. Most of the time was on the phone and really not all that stressful.

I feel sorry for the dudes that are on site. When the tests are running, I can go get ice cream(which I did, 31 cent Baskin Robin day; two cones, two scoops each, $1.30 total) while they have to stay on site and look busy.

Or sleep. I think I would sleep. I suspect I would be fired, but then I could go home and sleep 😉

Tonight I think we’re going to go see the Soloist. I’m meeting Tara downtown after work. I suspect we’ll grab a quick bite to eat(or just eat popcorn) and then the movie.

I’m trying to get my office clean and tidy before Tara’s mom shows up. For the most part there was just junk lying about the place, and now you can at least see the majority of the floor.

I’m building a simple table from a slab of wood and an upside down drawer. This will hold the printer so I can have more space on the other desk.

The next big thing is to actually clean my desk, move some things around, and make it a better place all around.

Then maybe I’ll add some cool lights and just make it look neat. Or I won’t. Could go either way.

How’s your week been?

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