Random Weirdness

While the dog and cat are having a stare down, I’ll write about some of the, stranger, topics that I received(yes , I’m looking at you).

While the idea that you can compare peanut butter with Slayer, let alone have them battle it out, is a little odd, it does have it’s merits.
One should start with better defining the battle.
Do I choose crunchy peanut butter or smooth, 80’s Slayer with 90’s, natural peanut butter with…uhh…you get the idea.

Let’s first compare crunchy peanut butter(further known as PB) with 80’s Slayer.
But have a crunchy feeling in your mouth.
When you wake up to crunchy PB, you know that you can face the day.
When you wake up to 80’s Slayer, you know that your ears are bleeding.
One has large metal spikes, the other has large nut chunks.
All that being said, I would say that crunchy PB and 80’s Slayer are made for each other.
If you’re having one, you might as well listen to the other.

Smooth PB goes more in line with 90’s Slayer.
A little more refined, a little easier to digest, but not as much crunch.

The problem here is I like smooth PB, but not 90’s Slayer(at least, not as much).

So what would I do?
Have the all natural smooth PB and listen to 80’s Slayer.
I think that this is the best of both worlds and not too harsh on the system.

Next up, the care and feeing of Kind Diamond.
1. Use a long stick and feed at a distance
2. Make sure you change the little often
3. Always have grandma make the tea
Actually, that’s all I have for that, I might come back to this one.

And I’ve just run out of steam.
Poop, I’ve been pretty bad at this lately.
Maybe it’s the 750 word count that’s getting me down.
Maybe it’s because I wrote so much last year.
I promise, this’ll get better!

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  1. olletho

    That made me smile, although you do try to keep things more realistic then I expect and I suspect that would limit the conversational possibilities.


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