RD no more

On one hand, it’s good that the Red Dwarf DVDs are finally done, since I don’t have to buy anymore.
On the other hand, there’s not going to be anymore Red Dwarf DVDs to watch.

Just watched the last season last night(yes, all of it) and it’s still a great show.

Also, tried to get an (ex)work laptop up and running with Ubuntu, and it installed without issue, and seems to accept the fact that there is a wireless network card, it’s just not connecting to the network.
Again, this could be a router thing. Could be.

This weekend is MI:3 (with extra placenta eating action!), and then I’m going to do…something…tomorrow.
Don’t know what that is yet. I should look into getting a mower, but I really want on of those manual ones since the yard isn’t exactly that big.
I’m looking into this mower from Lee Valley, since it has a cutting height of about 3″, and from this guide, 3″ is a good thing.
Not often I hear that (Ba-doom boom!)

It’s a little on the expensive side, but probably worth it in the end.

Oh, and I guess I’ll have to get watering stuff too.
The list just goes on and on….but then I don’t have to buy it all again next year.

Well, off to the gym, later all…

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  1. flying_squirrel

    I’m all for push mowers, but I broke down and got myself a mulching electric mower a couple weeks ago. Two reasons: 1) I’m lazy, and I’ll sometimes miss a few weeks, by which time, the lawn is just unmanageable with a push mower. The push power just pushes over the tall blades of grass, so you have to go over it about five times to get anything approaching an even height. And 2) I don’t want to rake. I’ll rake once in the fall, but after that, it’s easier to go over everything with the mulching mower to catch the stragglers. Healthier for the lawn too, I figure.

    I’m planning on *mostly* using the push mower, but if I were to only get one, I think I’d just get the electric.


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