Real Update

Since we missed Doug and Gail at Halloween, we had them over for dinner on Saturday. We also had Benny and Rivi which are a couple of Tara’s friends.

We had a nice chat of just checking in and then an excellent dinner that Tara mostly prepaired(I mixed some cheese, but really that was it). It was a three cheese Manacotti that was really filling and just wonderful. Rivi provided the desert which was a great chocolate ganosh(?) with a hard caramel topping. It was a lot harder than Rivi had planned, but that was fine 🙂

After dinner we tried Trivial Pursuit and it quickly became apparent that we knew nothing. It was actually kinda painful.  So Tara made me go out and get Cranium. Best party board game ever!

It’s part charades, pictionary, sculpting and trivia. Tara and I kicked ass but it was a long night(longer after I read the official rules).

We wrapped it up around midnight and drove Benny and Rivi home. On the way back we witnessed an accident.

Stupid teen tried to take a corner too fast, fishtailed, and smacked into a tree. Luckily everyone was alright, but the car was history. Odds are the frame is bent.

Since we witnessed, and called 911, we waited around for the cops and gave our statement.

When talking with the driver and passenger, the passenger smelled of booze, but the driver I think was just upset. Then the parents arrives, and they looked sooooooooo happy….

Sunday was a nice, lazy, nothing day.

So we did nothing. And it was nice.

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