Response to comments…..again

I was going to reply in the comment section, but I felt that it should go here. No reason really, but it was getting to be a long comment ^_^
The testing notes:
Those notes were just notes really. I wrote them as I remembered them, just so that I could remember what it is that I did there. Remember, it was close to a year ago when I stopped testing. I had to run in my head all the stuff that I did, and I admit that maybe I didn’t cover all the bases, but I think I covered enough to let the rest trickle out. I hope anyway. The interview seemed to go well, so I think I remembered enough and was able to convey that I knew what the hell I was talking about(which is difficult for me at the best of times).
That is something I should have done some time ago, but it seems that 2003 is the year where I do things differently. I’ve cleaned up some bad habits and started some good ones, so who knows, this could be my year. Besides, last year sucked. Sorry, that went off on a tangent. ^_^
Oh and Matt, please send pics of your son. It’s always cool when my friends have kids. Makes me feel old, but young in a weird way. I’ll have to pay you guys a visit soon.Hard Boiled Killers:
I know, I know…..Cold:
Don’t talk to me about cold. But at least the car started.8×6:
Started working on changes that would make the page look decent in 8×6. That’s a new revision away though…gonna take time.Best Practices & Mechaknight:
I’m always at my best when I practice ^_^Maybe tomorrow I’ll have a real update.
But probably not.


  1. aelfric impressed

    I just wanted to point out a bizarre side-effect of this website.It’s actually some kind of a community! As in the ‘Mechaknight Community’ idea is working! People discuss things! Not all the time, but they do. This is very cool.Even if some of the discussion is with people who are surely in the same room… but it’s still cool.Anyway, there’s my two cents. Now I’m broke.B.

  2. SideKick

    Oddly enough, this is not what I intended. Mind you, at the time, the only thing I intended to do was kill some time making a web site. That worked, and the whole ‘Community’ thing just sorta happened. I’m now wondering if I should change the layout a bit to accomidate that….this should have been a post.

  3. aelfric bored

    Don’t know how you’d do that but you’re the whizz-bang website virtuoso. I’m just a schlep. And a tired one at that.


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