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So I saw DareDevil on Friday, and I have to say it was better and worse than I had expected. The acting wasn’t really lame, and they did a good job humanizing DareDevil. The Kingpin was very cool, and Electra was, well, hot ^_^
And I always like the cameo from Stan Lee. It was a bit more obvious this time around.
On the other hand, it really could have used another half hour. The pacing was a little odd, and the movie was just a little short. They tried to cram a lot of plot and action into a small frame. It was almost like watching previews of tv shows for an hour and a half. The movie moved along at such a quick pace that it seemed really short.
So, if you liked the comic, go see it on a Tuesday. If you didn’t like the comic, why are you reading this review? ^_^Other stuff. The Simpsons 300th episode sucked ass. Fox aired 3 episodes back to back, the second being the 300th, and the third one was the only one worth watching.
They should really get something done and either get better writers, or the writers that they used to have or just stop the damn show. Or stop with the stupid celeb cameos, it’s getting REALLY old and it’s an excuse not to do some decent writing. Something has to change.
I haven’t watched the Simpsons for some time now(lazy I guess) but it seems that I haven’t been missing much.Saturday I attended a surprise party for my brothers 25th birthday. The big surprise was actually on all the guests that showed up. My brother showed up about 5 minutes early and was greeted by a total of three people ^_^ I showed up after him(I was on time I might add), and he spent the rest of the night yelling surprise to the guests that showed up ^_^
It was a good night all around though.Sunday, was, well, Sunday.Now back to your regularly scheduled Monday.


  1. aelfric the not comic guy

    Well, I’m reading your post out of either undying loyalty to the site or boredom when I got home. You take your pick.First Angry Letter ™ sent. You know what I mean. With the Big Blue Box.Satisfying.

  2. 800x600aelfric at low res

    Well either you’ve changed something or it’s all gone a little odd – for some reason the site looks less optimized for 8×6… it’s all over the place. Weirdness. And Swiss Chalet!

  3. SideKick

    I have changed nothing. The8x6 changes will be in version 15. Right now it should sorta be all over the place, or at the very least the What’s New thing should be way over to the right. Not to mention there should be some ugly overlapping graphics.Trust me, it’ll all be sorted out….eventually.


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