Revolutions, not Revolting

Wow, there’s a catch phrase ^_^<br>
I’ve stopped compairing the second and third Matrix movies to the first one, because, and this took too long to figure out, they have nothing to do with one another. I mean sure, they shar the same world, the same characters, and the overall same plot, but other than that they have nothing in common.<br>
The Matrix was not the first in a trilogy, it was a movie that was made, the best it could be, to make money for the other two. And once that goal was acheived, they had to figure out how to add two more parts to it.<br>
Not the best way of doing things, but whatever.<br>
Anyway, enough about that, now on to the movie.<br>
I liked it. I liked it on it’s own without haveing to be the third part. It had it’s high points, it’s low points, and some points that just kept going on and on and on!<br>
The movie has moved further towards a comic book style, and sonsidering where the Brothers influences, it all makes sense. It’s a live action comic/anime with Keanu Reeves.<br>
Take that as you will.<br>
The ending could be a little flat, depending on how you view it. Sorta open for another one if they wanted to, down the road, but endings can just be like that. Open.<br>
I think I liked it better than the second one, only because I didn’t go into it expecting the world. I went to this one expecting action. And I got it. I have one word for the machine attack; Zergling. If that doesn’t make sense, not my fault. But that’s all I could think of.<br>
The computer generated bits were better, or well hidden if nothing else(you’ll see what I mean), there was no obvious Shrek in the movie, which is good. <br>
There is some crap, as we all expected there to be, and mostly those happen in the action luls, which also make sense.<br>
I think what drew me into the Matrix was the cool “real world” that happened in the Matrix, it’s a geeks wet dream, but the “real real world” was kinda crappy and dirty and the like, which is fine becuase it makes sense somehow. But I didn’t care for it, I just had to know it existed. And I think the things that irritated me about the second and third films the most is that they spent more and more time in the dirty world, outside of the Matrix. They do that A LOT in this movie. The first bit, in the Matrix bit is every part as cool as the other movies, but the outside bits, well, they’re just outside.<br>
Sorry, little bit of a tangent.<br>
The third movie has some interesting parts that at first make you go “WHAT!?!”, then they collect themselves and you sit back and say “Oh, better.” All except one scene, and I can’t give it away, but it stayed in the “WHAT!?!” part too long, but I guess it was designed that way, and it was just too long. (*Bonus points if you know the scene I’m talking about, but e-mail me seperatly*).<br>
So that’s my two-cents. If you like the first, and could sit through the second, the third one will not make you vomit.<br>
I know it seems that I’m flip-flopping on how much I liked the film, but let me leave you with this; if it wasn’t for the fact that I have a night school course tonight, I would see it again with other people.<br>

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