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What an odd little weekend I have here.
Friday I call back this person that sorta offered me a job, and he wants me to cram as much Powerbuilder information into my skull. He states that there would be a job in it for me. So I think to myself, let’s download Powerbuilder and learn the damn thing, how hard can it be?
Luckily, there’s a 60 day free evaluation of Powerbuilder, with a demo database and everything. Happy!
Installing it was a pain in the ass though, as one part seemed to freeze and then cause the rest to bugger up. Well, after a few hours of that, I got the install order figured out and it was up and running. Happy!
Then, as I always do, as soon as I actually have work to do on the computer, I start to fiddly with things. This is the day that I decided to get this little home network thingy working. Mandrake was just released the day before, I had managed to download it, and I wanted to get it running as soon as possible. No prob, it went onto the other box, I added one of the network cards into that box(I only have three, and you need two for one box to do internet sharing), and that seemed to go smoothly. Hap……
That was the last of the good stuff.
I used the wizzard to set up the network stuff on the linux box, and it looks like it worked, and for a whole of two minutes I was sharing the connection, then it all came to s shuttering halt.
I couldn’t ping in one direction, then in the other. So I think maybe it’s a Windows/Linux problem, so I install Linux on the other box, same shit, different interface.
Did I mention that I should have been learning Powerbuilder? Wasn’t doing that.
Gave up on it and went away.
Next day, I decide that it’s just not worth it right now and start learning Powerbuilder. That’s going well, then my mind starts to wander. I install Windows on the Linux box and guess what?
So maybe it’s hardware now.
Back in the day I could have just swapped out the cards, but all I have now are ISA, and the one computer doesn’t even have ISA slots. So I have to do some fiddling to see if I can get a basic network going, and if that’s possible, then work up from that.Who knows what’ll happen.

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