I really start to wonder if me and networking just weren’t meant to be.

I’ve had 3 routers in the last 2 years. They all sucked.
Well, let me elaborate on that a little.

They all start out just fine and happy. Then, they get to a point where they have to be cycled once or twice daily.

For me, that’s just not acceptable.

The latest Linksys that I have has one of the cooler firmwares on it, so rebooting is rather easy(and even scheduled). But still, Tara just let me know that it’s not working.
I know a reboot will fix it, but honestly, does this really need to be done more than once a day?

Meanwhile, Jim has had the same router for the last million years, and as far as I know it’s still going strong.


So I’m looking around online for a new router, and you know what’s hard to find?
Other than at Futureshop, but that’s kinda limited to what they sell.
So not super helpful, but better than nothing.

CNet has some reviews, but they do them about once a year, and one router at a time.
If you sort by reviewer rating, the highest was done 5 years ago….

So yea, router reviews. Need to find me some of those.

And as usual, as soon as I post something, I find a decent answer.


  1. anonymous

    Put your linksys on a UPS, and it will work fine forevermore. This is the voice of experience. My 54g running Thibor/HyperWRT on a UPS had an uptime of something like eight months before two days ago, when we had a three hour power outtage and my UPS ran out of juice. And that’s with regular bittorrenting and all the other stuff that usually makes a Linksys fall over. The hardware is just fine; it’s the firmware that’s crap.

    That having been said, get a RouterBoard; an old 133 or 532 will do you just fine.

    –Centurion, let me know if you need further details

  2. sidekickca

    I think(but I’ll double check) that’s it’s on a UPS already.
    Power in Kanata is anything but stable, and I’ve already killed on computer by not having things on a UPS, but as I said, I’ll double check.

    I’ll also try the firmware you’re running. I’ve had it on the base, DDWRT(I think) and now on Tomato. But I’ll happily try something else if it saves me $100 🙂


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