RPG Goodness

I can’t think of the last time I bought an RPG book with the intention of actually using it.

Picked up ShadowRun 4ed last night. A little more than $25, but it was from a local shop, so it’s all good.
I’ve made it through the basics and so far I like what I see.
They’ve simplified the rules and dice rolls, which is good.

Haven’t gone through combat/magic/matrix, but it shouldn’t take too long.

I’ve also downloaded as much as I could, both officially and otherwise.
If I’m going to run this as a multi-city experience, I don’t want other people to have to shell out money for this.
The general concept is, if I send them the PDF, it’ll be “like” they were in the same room looking at my copy.
It’s weak, but it works.

I’ve also downloaded 9 missions from the official ShadowRun page. I don’t know if I’ll use them as-is, or tweak to make a different campaign.

Right now I think I’ll host most things locally. I’m sure I can throw together an IRC and TeamSpeak server.
Both of which are free. And cross-platform, which is good.

I must be driving Pandora nuts.
Trance type music enjoyment is a finicky thing.
I like Juno Reactor, so that’s what I tell them.
Then it’s “nope, nope, nope, good, nope, nope, nope” and while quantifiably they’re the same, there’s just something different about them.

Left the dog out again.
We’ll see what she finds today.
I think I’m getting through though. When I returned home last night, she had chewed something, but was also hiding in a corner knowing she had done something wrong.
I guess it’s a start.
Too bad the spud trooper had to be sacrificed.
And I didn’t even know they made Darth Tater t-shirts….

Edit: Even better!!!

Edit again: WOOT! She didn’t chew anything! Well, anything important. She snagged one, only one, empty 591ml coke bottle. That’s it! In 4 hours that’s all she got. And with her height she could have gotten more. I think we’re on to something.


  1. flying_squirrel

    I don’t mind buying RPG books. Actually, I usually have to stop myself, knowing full well I’ll never actually use them.

    In fact, I’m getting urges to buy Shadowrun right now.

    Maybe I should wait and see if this thing has legs first. ^^;

  2. packetfire

    I’m willing to give it a go. I have no idea how ShadowRun works.

  3. sidekickca

    You’re not alone 😛

    It doesn’t seem any more complicated(at least from a player perspective) than D&D. However, unlike D&D, you might actually get to use skills ^_^

  4. sidekickca

    Well, for now I’ll make the PDF available so that people can at least review for free.
    Then by all means run out and buy it ^_^


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