I’ve been having some rust problems on the car lately.
Today I tried to fix it by stripping off the paint and then repainting.
During the stripping process I noticed that some parts of the metal were actually divoted.
I figured that I would just need some body filler to fill in the little divots.
Then I pushed on them.
They went through.
That’s perferation, and I’m certain that’s covered in the warrenty.
In fact, I think it has to be perferated to get the warrenty to work.

Now, the big question is, since I tried to work on it myself, does that void the warrenty?

I’ll find out Monday when the 1800 line is working.

I’ve found a place online that will sell a replacement body panel for $99 US, and only about $20 in shipping.
So that’s the backup plan.
And I can even replace the hood if I want, but it’s not in need or any real work at the moment.


  1. packetfire

    Don’t tell them you’ve worked on it!! Just say, “Umm.. Look at how the paint fell off… Uh.. Almost as if nature were using an angle grinder…”

  2. sidekickca

    I called them, and the way the warrenty works is that the rust has to start from inside and perferate out.
    So, and this is no surprise, I have to take it to a dealer and get them to inspect it to see if I’m covered by the warrenty.

    Anyone want to lay bets on their answer?

    I should look into how much Macco will charge to paint a quarter panel.

  3. packetfire

    Maybe you should just wear your “C*ck: I love it!!” t-shirt for this one. 😉

  4. sidekickca

    Good thing Costco has a special on lube.

  5. scottdkp

    D’oh! Damn that rust. I personally think VW should cover that.. the fact that you were ABOUT to do work yourself doesn’t negate the fact that rust was certainly there… buuut I have a feeling it will because dealerships are jerks.

  6. sidekickca

    Here’s the catch though:
    The car has to rust from the inside out.
    By the looks of the divot/perferation, it rusted from the outside in.

    Which means:
    1. I let it go until after the winter and just replace the whole quarter panel
    2. I replace the whole quarter panel before the winter.

    Either way, I’m out bucks.


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