I’m fairly certain this is where I remember first living.
Now, there’s another St Bruno in Quebec, but it looks very very small, so I don’t think that was it.
I’m also trying to pinpoint where I lived, but that’s not easy when you don’t know the street name 😉
Hey, I moved away from there in 1982-1983, so cut me some slack.
I suspect my parents still have the address somewhere. They do that kind of thing.
So if I find it, I’ll post a google map link to it.

Anyway, I digress.

I think we lived there between 1979 and 1982/83. I would have just finished grade one when I left.
My parents tell me they bought and sold the house for about $35k, which just seems stupidly low. And at an 18% interest rate, which just seems stupidly high.
If I recall correctly, we lived on a crescent(a recurring theme) round about in the middle.
It was a three bedroom house with a nice sized kitchen. The kitchen had an island, something not seen again.
My room was at the back, my parents and Matts room was at the front of the house.
While technically on the main floor, my room was also two stories from the ground.
The land did that weird sloping thing. I remember this because I dared my babysitter to jump out the window. He did!
There was the living room in the front, but that wasn’t really used unless we had guests.
Downstairs was the family room and the tool room. I cut wood in the tool room. That’s back in the day when kids toys could actually hurt someone.

My neighbor across the street had a large hedge. I remember this because I nearly ran the car into it.
Yea, funny thing that(well, not at the time). The driveway sloped back onto the street. My mother had gone inside to get something, leaving Matt and I in the car.
I was futzing around with stuff(pretending to drive like all kids do) and I must of clicked off the parking brake.
Well, we starting rolling backwards, and since I had no idea how to stop us, I did what was logical at the time. I got out, got behind the car, and attempted to push it back up the driveway.
This was a 1979 Volvo sedan. I couldn’t do that today if I wanted to.
So, I gave up, let the car roll down the driveway and into the neighbors hedge. Matt seemed to like the ride 🙂

Standing at the end of the driveway(which was about 10 degrees), to my right would be my best friends ever. Their names escape me at the moment.Neall and Kelly! They were both older than me.
To my left, up the street, would be my baby-sitter, which scared the hell out of me one day by simply lying down on the couch.
The backyard was HUGE!
We had an above ground pool(first/last/only pool), a playset and a small forest with left over construction materials.
The construction materials were the best. There was this large concrete…thing, that you could sit in. But it was on it’s side, so it would protect you from the rain.
My parents never liked me playing in it in case it shifted. It never did.

I had to take the bus to school.
At the time I wasn’t a huge fan of school, and I remember clearly, just before going down a snow hill, saying that I would quit school at 16, because you were allowed to do that kind of thing.
Obviously, I didn’t. Still wonder about that decision 😉

OK, so that’s the basics. Now let’s see what I can remember. 😀

There was a day that Neall and I(now, this is the part that I’m hazy on, because I’m assuming it’s Neall, it could have been some other kid) wandered out…right, one day.
I recall a bridge, and wandering under it. It was really more of a highway overpass. I also remember poo. Now, I suspect that this was a poo left by a hobo or something like that.
But that led to the story of the older kids on the bus eating cooked poo. See, the older kids were at the back, and the younger ones(like me) sat at the front.
To this day I have visions of the older kids putting poo on a stick, cooking it(like over a fire) and eating it. The things people remember.

Another occasion, I wandered over to a girls house. Also must have been a friend of mine.
Please note; this is back in the days kids could wander off as long as they were home by dark.
I recall this house because we were watching Happy Days, and playing the home edition of Family Feud, and she had this mini-Pacman arcade game.
Her mom made us PB&J for lunch. I was happy to eat it 🙂

I slept over at Neall and Kellys a lot because they were close. While there, it was the first time I heard the phrase Boxing Day.
I thought Neall had boxing lessons but couldn’t understand why he had them once a year?

I slept over at this other kids house as well. I needed a note from my parents saying that I was allowed to stay on the bus past my stop to get to this kids house.
I want to call this other kid Tony, but I have no idea. My height, huge smile, dark curly hair and a lot of freckles.
We looked at his dad’s girly calender. He had a lot of star wars stuff, like the sand crawler.

Wait, I had that too…but the paper/cardboard one. He had the full plastic one. He also showed me that he could ride his bike without using his hands. I thought it was the greatest thing evar.
And that’s before I knew how to ride a bike. My parents finally thought it was time I learned as Neall and Kelly already knew how.
I was able to go straight without any problem at all, but turning, well, that was another issue.
I blame Tron for this. I really thought that I had to turn the handles 90 degrees to turn. Suffice to say, I bailed every time 🙂

Eventually getting the hang of it, my parents buy me a real bike. Not really a BMX, more like a motorcycle for kids. But comfy seat(that you could fit two kids on) and all sorts of shocks/suspension.
That thing lasted me for the next 4 years. And for a kid, that’s not bad!
Bikes let us go out further because we could be home in time for dinner faster.

The school I went to was an all English school. At the time, didn’t mean anything to me. But it was Quebec.
Our play areas were divided by grades. Grades one and two got a certain play area, 3-6 another, etc.
The 3-6 had a slide. The mystery kid and I would sneak over to that area to slide, and would generally get caught.

OK, I think that’s all I’m going to do with this post. In all honesty, that’s about all I can remember anyway.
It was a good long time ago. But I remember being happy and care free. Not like the kids of today that are generally on leashes.

I think the next time I do this, it’ll be a little more coherent 😉


  1. thinkschematwo

    Ah, the halcyon days of youth (how’s that for a cliched phrase…).

    Don’t get me started down that road… (Robin and I have been watching Columbo, on loan from here parents, and it creates pangs of longing for simpler times.)

    In any event, sounds like your childhood was a great deal more exciting than mine. I can’t say that there are any automotive tales to speak of, but sharp kids toys tales I can recount a plenty!

    Kids of today have it pretty good, but they still miss a lot. Then again, even in a small bump in the road like Belleville it pays to careful… Robin heard about this ( at work the other day… Halloween hijinks are one thing, but a guy picking on a kid with a gun (replica in this case) is just crap!

    Good start on the nablopomo trail!

  2. sidekickca

    All things considered, people stealing candy has always happened. It happened to my brother when we lived there.
    But at ‘gun point’? That’s a little much.

    I plan to do more ‘cities I’ve lived in’ posts. Mind you, that would be three more tops.
    Maybe 4 if I do Barrie.

  3. thinkschematwo

    You have to do Barrie!

    If only so my only association isn’t of Barry Williams!


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