Same Old Same Old

I think I’m getting into a kind of rut with what I do in my spare time.
I don’t seem to be interested in anything anymore.
I think I have to start doing different things, mix up life a little.

I think I’m gonna start going to see more anime at the local clubs. Not every week or anything, but something to break up the Friday “Hollywood Crap” Movie nights. Especially this Friday, Resident Evil: Apocalypse is playing, and I really don’t have any desire to see it. My life will go on just happily without it.

I’ll go see anime, that is unless someone can convince me that there’s something better I should be doing.
Like ‘going out’ or something. Mind you, I don’t know what ‘going out’ could be, but at this point I’m up for just about anything.

I think the problem that I’m having is that I’ve now been forced to lower my standards in order to enjoy movies. I don’t want to do that. Yet week after week I go and pay good money, waste two hours(or more) and just sit there regretting my decision. But I’m back the very next week! Doing it all over again!

Is it really that hard for the machine at Hollywood to spit out a GOOD script? Or have they gotten so blinded by money and greed that they’ll throw any old shit onto the screen? Well, it’s the latter. And I’ve been suckered into it.
But not this week.
No, I refuse to see Resident Evil: Apocalypse, I’ll wait for someone else to rent it.

It doesn’t help that it’s written and directed by the same bum-wad that did AVP….

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