Saturday a Go-Go

What does it say about a generation of men that, when asked, can’t carve a turkey?
With our collective brain power, we got it done, but it was a wee bit messy.

For whatever the reason, my brother and sister-in-law celebrate the American Thanksgiving by having a boatload of people over to eat turkey.
This year I think it was about 40. That includes kids.
All things considered it went off without a hitch.
I don’t think I know 40 people. Let alone invite them over to my house.
I have seating for 11.
Actually, I currently have seating for 7. My brother has four of my chairs.
I should collect those one day.

Watching the end of Hackers. It tried to make hacking cool. Mind you, as any movie that tries to make geeks look cool, it was filled with fancy graphics and a pack of lies.
Didn’t stop me wanting to be like them.
That, and ShadowRun. The Deckers were the ultimate in hackers. They were hard wired into the net, and the game allowed for a great visual representation of networks and security.
Sure, it was a pack of lies, but the general theory was there.
I miss that game. Didn’t play it much but what I did play was a lot of fun.
Sadly, once I moved to Ottawa there wasn’t much gaming going on here.
I tried a few times, but the interest just wasn’t there.

I wonder if I brought it up these days if there would be any interest.
You people know I’m talking about 😛

I think I’m going to scan emusic tomorrow and just download my allotment.
Either that or I loose it.
I’m gonna grab some comedy stuff, but I really want to see if there’s just stuff that I find interesting.
With Pandora, I’ve been mostly listening to metal, and it’s starting to repeat a little too much.
Possibly I should be doing some mix and match.
Maybe the problem is that I’m finicky with music.
When I first joined emusic, the idea was to only download stuff I didn’t have. New stuff.
But I also have this weird thing about downloading a whole CD worth.
Think I covered this already, but if a band can’t put together a full decent CD, then I’m not going to bother.

Could be that I’ll just play HL2:EP1.

Once a week Much Music plays Loud. Basically it’s all heavy metal. Right at the moment, it appears to be death metal of some sort.
I had really thought that crap died.
Apparently not.
You know, it wouldn’t be half bad if, as usual, it wasn’t for the utter crap of a singer they have.
OK, so it’s not just the singer in this case.
Both of them…
OK, so here’s the problem with death metal:
Because the singers all sound exactly the same, there’s no easy distinction between groups.
This group sounds just like the last group. Still mostly crappy.

Rogers was selling off some of their anime for cheap, so I picked some up. Patlabor 1 and 2, and Metropolise, for $24 total.
Not bad at all.


  1. thinkschematwo

    If you’re interested in Shadowrun, FanPro has done a 4th edition []. Cool for many reasons, but the wireless matrix, etc. is pretty well transitioned (big wired matrix mess resulted in a replacement).

    Personal Area Networks (PANs) are also brought into play… Basically your PDA can talk to your cellphone can talk to your wrist watch can talk to your coffee maker at home, etc. Pretty cool.

    (Of course, I’ve got the book. I haven’t devoured it cover to cover, but pretty slick. Think I got it cheap off Come to think of it… I think I’m only missing a copy of 3rd edition for things to be complete… 🙂 )

    You might also be interested in Microsoft bringing out what seems to be a MMORPG at the end of the month [].

    Is it sad that I also own Hackers?

  2. olletho

    I’ve played all of one shadowrun campain it was BRILLIANT.

    Okay it was with some guys who I know for a fact can make just about any game rock, I wasn’t the decker (not the full net decker like cyberpunk although a fantastic conceptual idea means you end up running two games side by side if you have PC deckers) but the next closest thing in shadowrun and I can’t recall the term for it.


    Suffice it to say I’d love play!

    Yea I know, I’m in the wrong city. There is always an excuse somehow.

  3. sidekickca

    I saw that they had a fourth edition.
    I had to look up Shadowrun to remember the Decker name ^_^

    I might go hunt for it locally(someplace has to have it) just to check it out.

  4. sidekickca

    I can’t help but think that we have the terchnology to have a multi-city gaming session.
    I know there’s people in other cites that might be interested, and we all have high-speed connections.
    THe only thing that would be lacking is one bit of hardware; webcams.
    I know I have one, but I don’t think you do.

    How hard would it be to rig this kinda thing up?

  5. thinkschematwo

    Local is good. Just shy of $25 is also good (Amazon).

    [ is sitting at $42 and Warehouse 23 is sitting at $35 USD]

    Then again, you’re likely to have more local options… 🙂

    I’d say it’s worth the cash. It’s hardcover, and glossy. There are some reviews on that cover most of the system details.

    (Summary, from memory, point built characters, big dice pools (still d6), number of successes on fixed target number = chance/degree of success… that is if you don’t just grab the setting material and use another system of choice…)

    That and if you’re looking for Deckers, they’re more playable now (ie. wireless and heads up displays let’s them get shot at too 🙂 ).

    If you’re aiming to do something online, keep us posted.

    (My schedule is a lot better than it used to be, and I’ve got a gaming itch I’ve been aiming to scratch for a while now.)

    From what I gather ( lurking), IRC and Skype are two of the big options for online gaming. I’m not much for either, but most IM stuff supports group/room chat these days, doesn’t it?

  6. sidekickca

    Odly enough, Skype is exactly what I was thinking about.
    However, I’m not sure if it does video, and I think that would be a really cool plus.

    I’ll look into the local/distant gaming and see what I can find.

  7. flying_squirrel

    I’m interested! 😀

    Now that they have Skypecasts, the four-person conference limit isn’t so much of a problem. Skypecasts are voice only at the moment, though.

    IRC’s good for private messages and dice-rolling bots.

    I’ve heard good things about 4th ed. too. Shadowrun was awesome. 😀

  8. olletho

    I do have one! So there!

    I haven’t tryed to get Ubuntu to talk to it though.


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