Saturday Updates

So there are a few updates for today.

First and foremost I want to thank everyone that’s passed along their congratulations and well wishes. I’ve read them all, but it’s taking a little time to get back to them all 🙂

Today Tara came home. She had her staples removed and is doing pretty well. She has pain meds for home, and misses Liam already 🙂 It’ll be a long road to be fully recovered, but I can already see improvement daily, as long as she doesn’t push herself(or has a nurse to push her) too much.

Liam is doing better than we could have ever expected. Before he’s allowed to come home he has to pass a bunch of milestones, and so far, he really only has one more to pass, which comes up on Monday. So, unless there’s an odd setback, it’s very possible that he’ll be home as early as Monday 🙂
He’s eating well, both from Tara and the bottle. He’s breathing on his own, and he’s been moved from the incubator to a standard cot.
When he does come home there are rules and whatnot that we’ll have to follow, which will be hard because one of the main rules is that we’re not allowed to fuss over him and just let him rest. Sounds easy, but to new parents, this’ll be a challenge 🙂
So we’re likely to hold off on visits or just limit them to certain times of day.

I haven’t posted pictures yet, but my Mother has, so you can look her up on facebook. I will be posting my pictures to the wedding site and here, just have to get around to it 🙂

So we’re tired, which of no surprise to anyone. But we’re doing well.

More updates when they happen 🙂

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