Saunders Farm

Tara took me to Saunders farm tonight as part of our date night thing.

It’s something that I’ve been meaning to do for some time, as I’ve only lived in the area for 18 years now 🙂

For those that don’t know, it’s a horror based farm thing. Bascially they have a haunted Barn, a Haunted Hayride(with no hay) and a haunted walk.

To say the least, the haunted walk was the scariest. Mostly becuase, for the most part, you were in the dark waiting for something to happen.
That’s the weird bit. Everytime there was light, there was an event. So, when in the dark, you pretty much knew that nothing was going to happen, yet it was the creepiest thing.

Tara hated me for taking her on that walk. I guess because she was screaming the most, they all went after her. They being the dudes in scary costumes walking around the walk.

It was great. 😀

The hayride was cold as the driver was doing Mach 5 half the time, and it was cold enough as it was.

Also, there was a play. Mostly for kids, but enough adult humor to keep us going.

It was Scar Wars, Return of the Dead Eye.

So I had geek humor and horror all in one night.

My fiancee loves me 😀

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