Scary Pics

Nodded off to sleep last night while reading Harry Potter.
Must have been about 11:30.

Heard the dog moving, getting some water, then I thought I heard rain.
What I did hear was Tara sneaking into the house and my bedroom.
My heart tried to flee!
Scared the living jebus outa me.

But, to be fair, I did deserve it as I had sneaked into her place Tuesday evening. Scared her just as badly. 😀

I have pics for you from PEI!
I’ll link to the gallery itself as it’s just easier:

There are a few of them where I’m just playing with camera settings. You’ll be able to figure those out I’m sure 😀

Edit: Of course my trusty watch dog didn’t bark or anything…best watch dog evar!


  1. olletho

    Why would the watch dog bark at the nice girl?

  2. sidekickca

    To make matters worse, apparently the dog looked rather annoyed at being woken up 😉

  3. anonymous

    Okay who is Pookins and who is fuzzy pants….wait… maybe I do not want to know.

  4. flying_squirrel

    I was just going to ask the same thing. o_O

  5. olletho

    But I’m sure she was very loyal and watched it all very carefully. 🙂

  6. sidekickca

    I’m fuzzy pants.
    That has more to do with the dog than anything else.

    Wait, that doesn’t sound so good either…


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