Selling the BlackBerry

It’s harder than I thought it would be.

It’s up on usedottawa and kijiji, and I’ve had a couple of hits, but no one really wants it.

Here’s the best email exchange yet(remember, these would be ‘blind’ emails, and I’ve only omitted my home address)

Him – How can I contact you to purchase this phone?
Me – You can use this email address. Do you have any questions about the blackberry?
Him – If I buy the phone, how you gonna give it to me. By email?
Me – You just asked for contact info, and you can use my email to contact me.
If you want to buy the phone, please say so and I’ll be happy to give
you my address.
Him – I want to buy the phone! Let me know your procedure.
Me – Hi Sean, I live at: What time can you come pick it up? Just a reminder that it has no charger.
Him – I wonder why could not you put this information about charger on your ad.
Me – Sorry, I thought I had. It’s there now. I assume that you don’t want it now?
Him – Stop selling stolen marchandise!
Me – Riiiiiiight.If you think it’s stolen, call the cops. Thanks for your interest and have a wonderful day.

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