Shopping in Edmonton

Or at least, that’s where my credit card was shopping.
Tara and I decided to check our balance last night as we know we had some larger purchases on it, and we like to keep this card on a short leash and know in advance what we’re putting on it.
So it was a bit of a shock when we looked at the current balance and it was about $600 more than we thought.
Then we saw why.
Apparently we went on a shopping spree at Roots, Payless and Old Navy.
In Edmonton.

So we called up PC and told them. They confirmed our security info, and also confirmed that for each of these purchases, the card number was punched in, not swiped. Didn’t know you could look that kinda info up, but it’s interesting to say the least.

So they canceled our cards and Tara and I have to destroy them.
They’ll send out new cards in about a week, and then there’s an affidavit being sent out a week later that we have to sign and fax back.

Interesting times really.
Now I just wonder how they got the card number.

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