Should be sleeping

But for some reason I’m not.
I got up at 9 today, which is about an hour later than normal, but that’s nothing special. I should be tired.
But I’m not.
I suppose I could think of what to do tomorrow while I’m up, that should put me right out.
What I should really do is call those HR places that a friends father gave to me, but that depends on how awake I am in the morning. Hate to talk to potential employers in my best just woke up voice.Other things:
The fashion show that AJ was apart of happened, just. It was probably the most poorly organized thing I?ve ever been to. It makes fan-run anime conventions look professional. And that’s saying something.
It was forty minutes late to start, the first ‘presenter’ were actually two guys from Montreal with guitars, and that went on for 30 minutes. Then the show stuff(AJ was on second), then some other crap that I can’t even remember, then the intermission was twenty minutes longer than it should have been, a whole boat load of belly-dancers, some other weird dance group, then boutique stuff then it was FINALLY over!
Man, it was long, mostly boring(unlike other fashion shows I’ve been to) and if it wasn’t for the fact that AJ was in it, I would have taken off just after her set.
Oh well, I didn’t pay for the ticket. ^_^
And I was moral support which is important.
I should have some pics from it showing up here soon enough, once I get everything figured out.
Well, still not tired so I’ll have to find something else to do.

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