SideKick phone home

Since Tara changed jobs, she had to give back her blackberry. And the problem is that she used it all the time to call long distance(yes, this was totally allowed by her employer) to her mother and other friends.

But now she has no real way to do it other than to make a quick call on my cell and then get them to call her back. This isn’t helpful, so we broke down and got a land line.

We decided on a proper land line instead of vonage because vonage sucked, and we didn’t want the headache that entailed.

So we went with Primus because, for $50/month we got all the features we wanted and unlimited long distance.

It’s not connected yet, in fact I can’t remember when the connection date is supposed to be, but soon we’ll have a real land line to use.

And when that happens, I’ll make some adjustments to my cell plan to reduce it by about $20/month. Right now I just need the extra stuff on there, but when we get the line, I won’t.

And it’s also possible that Tara would carry it with her as she could give me a closer update as to when she’ll get to the bus stop. But right now, our timing is pretty good for that so we’ll see.

There’s no need for her to get a cell as, well, all she would do is call me, and I’m right here 😉

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