Skunked Part Duh

Good lord the dog just doesn’t learn!

Tara and I went out for a walk last night after dinner and when we got home we let the dog out.
And she bolted down the stairs right into the business end of a skunk!
As you can imagine, the skunk wanted nothing to do with that and sprayed it’s nasty spray all over Qanuk!

The only upside is that it wasn’t as bad as last time, just a streak down the side of her head.

However, unlike last time, Tara was here, and the smell just over powered her. She was vomiting violently and eventually had to be picked up by my Mom to spend the night there.

For the rest of the evening I was bathing the dog in special shampoo, tomatoe juice, and normal shampoo.

I think(for the most part) the smell is out of here. I’m going to try one more round, this time with something I picked up online.

The house still smells though. And that’s a problem.
As soon as Tara got home this morning she could smell it and it started to affect her.

Right now all the windows are open, we have scented candles everywhere, and we rented a carpet cleaner.
I think once all this is done it’ll help with the smell problem.

So much for a nice quiet weekend….

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