Slow Work Week

There are advantages to being in a country that’s not America. Ok, I’m sure there are a lot of advantages, but one of them is staggered holidays.

We had our Thanksgiving last month, they have it this week. What this means for me is that all the clients I normally have to deal with are away eating themselves to sleep(it’s a turkey thing). So the end result has been a very slow work week. This is good as it allows me to catch up on stuff that’s been lagging. And there are a number of those things Smile

I’ve recently been given some new tasks/roles at work, and one of them is to maintain our test servers. This has been kinda fun as it’s all AIX and all command line stuff. It’s allowed me to learn a bunch of new commands that I need to run in order to keep other things running. And we all know I like a good command line. But, as of last week, one of the servers was giving me grief, and since work was busy, I wasn’t able to solve it. Now that it’s nice and quiet and I could clear my thoughts, it took only the part of one morning to sort it all out and get it up and running.

Woo me!

Now I have to somehow gain root access to them so that I can keep maintaining these servers properly. That might be a little challenge, but I’ll get my manager involved and I’m sure it’ll get sorted out. Then I’ll make a bunch of useful scripts for myself and replicate them on the servers so that I can keep tabs on things and start/stop what I need to when I need to. It’ll be a fun little project in my ‘spare time’ at work.

So it’s good to be working when others are on vacation. Some of the time.

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