So Close

Doug and I spent the morning working on the car.
It appears that the exhaust problem is a little over our heads.
If the break had a decent amount of pipe on either side, then we could have clamped it, but it’s broken right at the cat with no extra bits.
So, we tackled the e-brake.
That would have worked if anyplace in town actually had one in stock.
We got the center column off and it’s really weird.
The tension nut was really high up, so I should have noticed a loud noise as the two cables popped out, but I didn’t.
We like to think that it might have been an underhanded attempt from CT to bring me back in for more repairs, but I’m doubting it.
It would be nice to blame someone though ^_^
Actually, now that I know how easy it would have been to fix this, I should have done this months ago.
So, next weekend will be more car stuff, and I think we’ll get something fixed.

Watched the first ep of Battlestar season three. Very cool.
I really wonder how the full season is going to work out, but it really started with a bang.
Can’t wait till next week ^_^

Ummm…nothing else to say really.
Long weekend, looking forward to sleep and dinner.

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