So Much

There was actually a whole lot of stuff that I wanted to blog about today, but for the life of me, I can’t remember ONE DAMN THING!
I really should start writing stuff down as I think of them.
I might even start to carry a quick voice recorder type thing.
Wait, the Palm does that. I should use that more often.
It is kinda big and bulky, so something smaller would be better.
I think that’s just an excuse to buy some new tech gadget ^_^

I think I’m going to start writing one longer post per week. I don’t know why I’m going to do this, but why not?
They might be well written, but then again, probably not.

The dog is finding new and exciting things to chew up while I’m away at work.
Monday it was the pizza box(really should have put that in the garage), Tuesday it was some DVD cases(that thrilled me to no end) and yesterday it was stuff on the kitchen table.
Today, she’s not going to be out of her cage in the afternoon. I just don’t have time today to clean up after her.
Not that she’s eaten anything really important yet. Although she did kill a nice little wicker basket that I was using to hold keys/wallet/etc. I liked that basket. 🙁

As a reminder, Helloween party this Saturday. Probably starting around 7. I don’t feel like feeding people 😛

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