So, that job

Tara left a nice message on facebook about a new job opportunity for me. For those that I talked to in person, they know what it is already. For the rest, here you go 🙂

I’ve been offered, and accepted, an interim position as the Premium Support Manager for a large company in the US. This position should be for about 6 months and it’s a huge opportunity for me to shine and be noticed, in the right way, by the right people.

It’s a big leap for me from the tech support position that I’m used to. But this is a good thing, I needed more of a challenge, and well, here it is.

It requires me to do weekly/monthly meetings and status updates to the client. It requires me to monitor software changes across the board to make sure that it won’t interfere with the software we’re currently supporting. I’ll be asked to make recommendations for software upgrades and answer general, and not so general, questions that the client might have.

This will be a big test of my time management and people management skills. I will have to get things done before people actually ask for them(as such) and know who to talk to when. I’m also being asked to make myself available 24/7 for just about anything.

Yea, that means I’m now going to be tied to my cell phone. Kinda wish I had one of them there smart ones. Mine’s as dumb as rocks. Oh well.

So right now I’m in the international terminal of the Ottawa airport, waiting to go south. I hear it’s going to be warm. Very warm. But weather eye isn’t working at the moment.

Anyway, I’m off to meet clients face to face. This has been a challenging account, and a huge risk for me, but one that will pay off.

I’ll be back on Wednesday night, and will miss my family just a little 😉

Wish me luck. I’m sure I won’t need it on this trip, it’s just the rest of it.


  1. matt



    Glad to hear that things are on the rise.

    I’m sure you’re more than up for the challenge.

    Go get ’em!


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