So tired….must blog

So I got home at midnight and said to myself, must sleep.
Well, I didn’t. I did watch the extras to Kung-Fu Hustle. Awesome!

During the day I decided to do the internet dating thing, snapped a pic of myself, wrote up a (hopefully) non-cheesy profile, and splaid myself for all the internet to see.
Yes, the pic was a decent one, it’s not one of those sites ^_^

I guess at this point I’ll just start sending out random pings and see who pings pack.
Ping…could I get any more geekier?

Didn’t do much else today. Laundry and some grocery shopping.
Pork is cheap, and it tastes good.

Then I played City of Heroes (there’s a shocker).

Wow, what a dull Saturday.
Tomorrow probably won’t be any better.

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