So tirezzzzz

Yesterday was mostly eventful.
After I stopped working at noon that is.

Popped into Canadian tire to swap out the winter tires.
I had four tires in the garage, so I figured that I would just put those on.
Well, it was three different brands, and you can’t have different tread patterns on the same axle.
Oh well, that at least leaves two.
Nope, they were mostly dead.
So that’s 4 new tires.
Oh, and new rims, which are not $25 like I had hoped they would be.
Balancing/alignment and install later, $891!


Got home, took the dog for a walk.

Got on ‘the air’ and had a generally good show from 5-7. Mind you, I had this really annoying person pester me the entire time in COH.
But that’s life I guess.
Show peaked at 45 I think. Round there somewhere at least.

Rushed out and watched Fido. A movie about a boy and his Zombie.
Cool premise, but it makes the zombie shorts that I want to do seem like a rip off of the movie.
More on that later.

Got home, realised that it wasn’t late, and biked. In doing so watched the second episode of the IT Crowd. Still wicked!

Still realising that it wasn’t late, I called the GF and she convinced me(all to easily I might add) to visit.
Got home at 3. The rest is not for you.

Woke up this morning and got to work late. No one noticed.
Still don’t know if that’s a good thing or not.

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