For some reason, I’ve been trying to reduce the amount of salt intake into my body.
Other than it’s just a good idea, I don’t know why I’m so concerned over it. It’s not like I’m suffering from anything salt related.

Anyway, one of the resolutions this year was to cook for myself more often. And real meals, not just quicky pasta or meat things.
In a lot of these recipes, they call for bouillon powder of some sort. They’re notoriously high in salt.
Except Luda.
They claim no added salt, and it seems to make a difference.
But let’s look at the numbers:
Knorr Oxo – 25% less salt than regular Oxo. – 527mg/4.5g pouch
Luda instant bouillon mix – 95mg/11g serving

Umm…that’s 8.64mg/g compared to 117mg/g of the Oxo.
And that’s 25% less than regular Oxo.

This isn’t fancy hard to find stuff either. I got this from the local Loblaws.

For those that need bouillon, I would recommend Luda. Seems to taste the same.
But I’m no expert. ^_^

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