Some Time

Well, it’s been a little while since I last updated, so here I am!
What’s been happening?
Friday I finally got to see Mike and AJs new place, and I have to say it’s very nice. Very large and spacious, and it has a lot of potential. It also has a lot of power sockets, roughly 84 in total I think ^_^
But we did find two places where they wanted a plug, and there was none. Who knew?

The weekend was nothing spectacular, I finally put up curtains in my room so now I can get some sleep on the weekends. Sunday, wait, that was Sunday, but anyway, I snuck over to do some laundry at the folks place, and it would have been a perfect get-away if it wasn’t for the fact that they returned home JUST as I was leaving! So I stayed and chated with them a little bit before returning home to make myself some dinner.
We also discussed the big family BBQ, but more on that later.

Monday was Thanksgiving, and it was a wonderful dinner. The whole family was there including my grandmother. It was really nice not to have to cook for myself, and of course I brought some turkey home.

The rest of the week has been work and school. I have one more Java class until the next course, of which I should sign up for before it’s too late. Besides, work is paying for it, so why not? ^_^

Not a whole hell of a lot has been happening really.

My eye cleared up in record time, well, at least according to the doctor. They say that what I had usually sticks around for weeks. Well, let me tell you, being the fourth time I’ve had it, it’s never lasted more than 4 days, with or without drops!

I start to wonder if I need them at all at this point? Mind you, saying that, the next time I get the infection and DON’T go to the doctors, it’ll get worse and I’ll loose my eye.
Then it’ll officially be labeled a sport.

This weekend is the big family BBQ. We’ve invited all our parents for one big meal, mostly to thank them for not throwing us out on the street ^_^
I’ve wanted to do this even before moving in, and I would have done it sooner if it wasn’t for the fact that I keep going places on the weekend!
But that’s ok, better late than never.
That reminds me, I should make sure we have enough propane. That would suck, having to pan fry the steak!

Oh, and it’s my Dad’s birthday this weekend. Sunday in fact!
So it’ll be a busy weekend. But at least I’ll be able to sleep in.

I reloaded Linux on the server, and I’ll be playing with it for a little while before I put it back online. I have a new video card and I hope it helps in the performance a little. I’m waiting for Mandrake 9.2, but I may not actually install it. We’ll see.
Oh, a hardware question for someone who might know!
I have a P2-450, and I have a 512Meg SDRAM stick, and when I put it in the system it only reads 256 from it. That’s not so bad all things considered, but I wonder, how safe is that? From a hardware and system stability point of view?
Anyone know?

OK, finally going to go to bed now. Work calls, sorta.

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