Some Time

I know, I know.
It’s been awhile since I’ve updated last, and really, it’s not for a lack of time, I’ve just been lazy.

OK, so what’s been going on?
I had the week off last week, and never in my life did I want to win the lottery more. Actually, that would have been the first Monday back at work.
We’ve entered a bit of a crunch time, and I’m just stupidly busy.
In fact, I’m currently sitting in a lab, no where near my house, installing stuff on AIX. This is not my idea of a good time.
But of course it has to be rushed, we only have these machines until next Thursday, and I have to do some perf tests on them.
I’m not 100% sure. Something about a customer request. But I don’t complain(much) and I just go about my business doing my thing here.

I applied to an online radio station, but it looks like they’re full up on DJs. Would have been fun doing that on a really part time basis. I mean really, I don’t do much with my evenings anyway.
I would start my own, but really, I think I’d just be talking to myself.

I nearly finished the model I tasked myself to make. All it really needs is a little touch-up work, some paint splattered here and there, and bingo, all done.
I had forgotten why I stopped makeing models. Seems my attention span is lacking the necessary power to maintain this sort of thing for a week. I used to do it all the time, and it was nice and relaxing. Actually, it was still relaxing, just kinda pricey. Paint is not cheap. Especially spray paint.
Well, good spray paint isn’t cheap.

I’ve rediscovered NeverWinter Nights. It’s a nice diversion from City of Heroes. I have to admit, COH is getting a little old. I’m still gonna play it, but it didn’t have the magic it once did.
Maybe if I did the whole “group” thing it might get a little more interesting.
Or really annoying, could go either way.

Well, this server room is freezing my toes off…so I gotta run to warmer climates ^_^

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